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The MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe supports the EU film and audiovisual industries financially in the development, distribution and promotion of their work. It helps to launch projects with a European dimension and nurtures new technologies; it enables European films and audiovisual works including...

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Fund Goal

To encourage co-operation between professionals working in different countries by providing financial support to European co-productions.

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Fund Goal

The Fund's major objective is to ensure funds for stimulating, developing and improving creativity, entrepreneurship and production in filmmaking within Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in the domain of film production, stimulating entrepreneurship, protecting, preserving and presenting...

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Schengen passport holdres, citizens of EU, Croatia, Switzerland, Andora, Lichtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Holy See and Serbia can enter the country with valid ID Cards and others need a valid passport, for a stay of up to three months.
For more details please consult:
Officially, people who enter the country need to register with the police within 24 hours after their arrival if they are not accomodated in hotels. For more information visit

Work permit request is submitted by the employer to the Employment Service. The work permit is issued for up to one year. The permit may be for an indefinite time period for foreigners with permanent residence in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The Federal Employment Agency issues an approval for the employment of foreign persons upon proposal by the Employment Service.
The migrant foreign personnel needs to register in different institutions under the Ministry of Civil Affairs, dealing with social security. As soon as he/she is registered in the Ministry of Interior and has a temporary residence permit, he/she will receive an ID card for foreigners, with unique personal number.

No official permission is required for feature film shoots or any other type of production other than the normal requirement for permission from the owner of the authority responsible for the location in question.

Accepts ATA Carnets for Commercial Samples, Exhibitions and Fairs, Professional Equipment. For detailed information visit

VAT standard rate is 17%, which applies to most deliveries of goods and services. Certain transactions are exempt, including certain public services, health and medical services and financial services. Other transactions (mainly exports of goods) are zero rated.

The author of the scenario, the director and the director of photography, as well as the principal cartoonist in the case of an animated cartoon film, shall be considered the authors of the completed cinematography work. If music is an essential element of a cinematography work and it has been composed for that work, the composer of the music for that work shall also be considered the co-author of such cinematography work.The composer of film music who is not considered the author of the cinematography work in terms of Paragraph 2., the designer of the sets, the costume designer and the make-up artist shall have copyright on their contributions and may transfer them to the maker of the cinematography work only by a contract.The principal cartoonist and the principal animator shall be considered the co-authors of the cinematography work in case of a cartoon or animated film, or in case when cartoon or animation are an essential element of a cinematography work. Ref:Law on Copyright and Related Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina (  

Social security – In the FBiH, the employer contributes 10.5% of the employee's gross salary and the employee contributes 31% of the gross salary. In the RS, both the employer and the employee contribute 30.6% of the gross salary.

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