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Doctv Latinamerica is dedicated to the production and distribution of Latin-American documentaries. It is an initiative of CAACI and is officially run by the DOCTV RED, a strategic structure composed of seventeen audiovisual entities and twenty-two public broadcasters in the Latin-American region. Currently...

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IBERMEDIA's goals are to promote the development of audiovisual productions destined to the Iberoamerican market and their co-productions, to promote the integration of Iberoamerican companies in supranational audiovisual networks. To create a positive environment for the development, training and exchange...

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Fund Goal

To generate the economic advancement of Puerto Rico by promoting the development of all the elements that comprise sectors of the audiovisual industry

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Puerto Rico follows United States visa policy. Visitors travelling on most Western passports can enter the US for stays of up to 90 days via the Visa Waiver Program. A valid ESTA is required prior to travel. Canadians can enter visa-free. Working media must enter under a Media Visa.

A Commonwealth of the United States, Puerto Rico also offers all of the benefits and protections available on the mainland, including applicability of U.S. labor, safety and minimum wage laws, U.S. intellectual property and banking protections and U.S. Dollar currency.

Location fees for the use of state property are assessed on a case by case basis and often waived. City-wide public location permits are possible for guerrilla-style exterior shoots. Allow at least 2 weeks for permitting. Proof of insurance is required. Allow longer lead time for more complicated shoots. For additional information on fees and permit contact the Puerto Rico Film Commission.

Puerto Rico is considered a domestic destination by the United States Postal Service. The USPS rates are the same as mailing to any address in another state or city within the United States.  However, for courier service companies such as FedEx and UPS, international rates apply.

The standard "Sales and Use tax" is 12,5%. Excise tax: depends on the category of goods.

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