United Arab Emirates

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To promote Abu Dhabi as the first choice for international and regional producers needing location, production and post-production services

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For a short-term stay citizens of the following countries do not need a
European Union (except UK and Republic of Ireland),  Bahrain,  Iceland,  Kuwait,  Liechtenstein,  New Zealand,  Norway,  Oman,  Qatar,  Saudi Arabia,  Seychelles,   Switzerland.
Citizens of the following countries can get a visa on arrival: Andorra,  Australia,  Brunei,  Canada,  Hong Kong,  Ireland,  Japan,  Malaysia,  Monaco,  San Marino,  Singapore,  South Korea,  United Kingdom,  United States.
For more details please consult: http://www.emirates.com/english/plan_book/essential_information/visa_passport_information/uae_visas.aspx

The permission must be obtained before arrival to the country.  Shooting permits are required for audio and visual media productions on public, government-operated and private property, whether indoor or outdoor. Any individual or entity that wishes to shoot in Dubai must appoint a production company licensed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to obtain a shooting permit. The application process usually lasts about 5 working days. Dubai Film Commission arranges permission for local production companies, and has the authority to get permits for all Emirates except Sharjah & Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi Film Commission handles permissions there, which can take 5 working days, and even longer for aerials. For permission to shoot in Sharjah, a letter needs to be taken to their Media Council for approval, which can take time.

ATA Carnets are not accepted for postal traffic. ATA Carnets are accepted for transit. ATA Carnets are accepted for unaccompanied goods.

There is no VAT / it will be introduced in 2018 (5%)

The authors of the innovative intellectual works in literature, art and science, whatever the value of such works, their type, the purpose of their composition or the method of expressing thereof , enjoy the protection prescribed in this law. Protection include the following intellectual works: Books, booklets and other written matters, Works given verbally as lectures, speeches and sermons, Dramatic plays and musical plays, Musical works whether accompanied by words or not, The works of designing eurhythmics and pantomime, Photography works, Cinema, television and broadcasting work  and creative audio visual works, and computer programmes, Works of applied arts whether handicraft or industrial, Works of drawing and painting with lines or colours, architecture, sculpture, decorative arts, engraving, designs, geographical plans designs, and relief maps, Encyclopedias, sundries and selections which form, in respect of selecting, arranging and editing their material, intellectual creative works.   Protection also includes the works for which the aspect of expressing in writing, sound, drawing, photography or motion.

Film Commissions

Abu Dhabi

The Film Commission provides support in finding unique locations, advice on script clearance & permits, equipment, experienced crew, studios and high-end post production facilities.

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