Unlock available financing for your film, TV, new media or short project

Producers are increasingly relying on coproduction and public supports to develop and finance their projects.

OLFFI is the world's largest and unique database on public funds and incentives for film, TV, new media, shorts and more, covering over 1000 programs and incentives in 95 countries as well as their relevant regulations and coproduction treaties.

Olffi helps you to identify, source and combine public supports for your project and boost its attractivity for distributors and equity investors

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Olffi lists classified funding programmes and production incentives according to the stage of the project (scriptwriting, development, production, post-production), the nature of the project (film, television, new media), the format, its nature (fiction, documentary, animation), etc...
The Olffi Search tool enables you to select the most precise criteria for your project. Olffi database is updated regularly by the fund managers and the Olffi Team.
Existing coproduction treaties between all countries are posted here. You can download them in their original version, as PDF files, as well as access a short summary of each.
Information on country regulations, such as visa restrictions, working permits, social legislation, VAT, insurance policies, among others, are posted here.
You can benchmark the programmes and incentives you are interested in by adding bookmarks to the ones that interest you and then using this function, you can compare them.

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