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Visa for film crew can be obtained at the airport for non-restricted nationalities

No need for a work permit

The Royal Film Commission issues shooting permits in Jordan. Shooting permits will be issued within 4 - 10 working days. Private places are however to be approached directly by the production company, since the RFC is a governmental entity and we can’t grant issuing permits for any private place.

ATA carnet is not accepted.

The standard VAT rate is 16%, with a higher rate applying to certain luxury items / Reduced: 4%

does not contain a definition of copyright; however it clearly states that the law offers legal protection to any kind of original work in literature, art and science regardless of the value or purpose of the work. An author or creator is the copyright holder for any work they publish that is attributed to them, whether or not copyright is clearly stated in the work or by any other means. If an employee creates, during employment, a work related to the activities or business of the employer, or by using the material placed under their disposal to arrive at the work, then the copyright shall be that of the employer unless agreed otherwise in writing. Works that have entered into the public domain have no copyright protection. Also some works have what is referred to as a copylife license, meaning that the author has granted everyone permission to freely use and improve upon the work. Also if the exploitation of the work is for educational purposes or for personal use, then in such cases the use of the work will be legal and therefore not qualified as an infringement. Laws, regulations and court judgments, news items and reports do not carry a copyright. The Minister of Culture holds the copyright for works that fall into the category of national heritage and is charged with preventing misuse of such works while at the same time allowing public access to those works.

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