Co-production Treaty between
Australia & United Kingdom

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Specific Conditions

  • The treaty is renegotiated and to be announced soon 
  • None of the co-producers shall be linked by common management, ownership or control, save to the extent that it is inherent in the making of the co-production film itself.
  • Performing, technical and craft contribution of each co-producer to a coproduction film shall be in reasonable proportion to each of the co-producer’s financial participation.
  • Third country producers may join the co-production under the terms of the coproduction treaty in force between that co-producer’s country and either the UK or Australia.
  • The majority of the work shall normally be carried out in the country of the coproducer with the major financial participation.
  • Individuals participating in the co-production shall be nationals or residents of Australia, the UK, another Member State, or, where there is a third co-producer, citizens of that co-producer’s country.
  • In exceptional circumstances, where script or financing dictates, performers from other countries may be engaged.
  • Location filming in a country other than the countries of the participating co-producers must be approved by the competent authorities. In that case, citizens of that country may be employed as crowd artists, in small roles, or as additional employees necessary for the location work
  • Original music shall be composed by nationals or residents of Australia, the UK, or another Member State or, where there is a third co-producer, by citizens of that co-producer’s country, subject to exceptions approved by the competent authorities.
  • At least 90% of the footage included in a coproduction shall be specially shot for that film, any exception is subject for prior approval of the competent authorities.

Other considerations

Under renegotiation