Co-production Treaty between
Morocco & United Kingdom

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Specific Conditions

  • Each co-producer must directly negotiate, contract and pay for rights, goods and services, and the co-producers must have entered into a binding contract, the terms of which reflect their respective responsibilities for the co-production.
  • The film-making contribution benefiting a country shall be broadly in proportion to the financial contribution of the Party Co-producer (or Co-producers) established in that country.
  • The finance-only contribution from the co-producers (taken together) must not be less than 10% and not more than 25% of the total production cost.
  • All participants shall be nationals or legal residents of The Kingdom of Morocco, The United Kingdom,or an EEA State. If required by the film, professionals not citizens of one of the coproducing countries may be permitted, in exceptional circumstances, and subject to agreement between the competent authorities.