Co-production Treaty between
Australia & Ireland

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Specific Conditions

  • None of the coproducers shall be linked by common management, ownership or control, save the extent that it is inherent in the making of the coproduction film itself.
  • Where either Ireland or New Zealand maintains with a third country a film coproduction agreement, the competent authorities may approve a project for a coproduction film under this agreement.
  • Performing, technical, craft and creative participation, in particular the scriptwriter, director, and lead cast, and production expenditure in each of the coproducer's countries shall be in proportion to their respective financial contribution and must respect a general balance.
  • The film shall be made and processed up to the creation of the first release print in one or both of the parties, and/or in the third-party country. The majority of this work shall be carried out in the country of the majority coproducer. Competent authorities may approve location filming in a country other than those of the participating coproducers.
  • All participants shall be nationals of a party or, where there is a third coproducer, citizens of that coproducer's country. If required by the script, in exceptional circumstances, limited number of performers from other countries may be engaged.
  • Any music specially composed for the film shall be composed by nationals of one or both of the parties or, where there is a third coproducer, by citizens of that coproducer's country.
  • An application for approval shall be made simultaneously to the competent authorities not less than 30 days before shooting of the film is due to commence.