Co-production Treaty between
Australia & Israel

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Specific Conditions

  • Coproducers must be nationals or residents of either Israel or Australia or a company incorporated under either Israeli or Australian law or another country with which either Party has signed a co-production .
  • An overall balance shall be achieved for the employment of nationals of the two Parties as creative, craft and technical personnel, measured on a straight head count basis .
  • The majority of this work shall be carried out in the country of the co-producer which has the major financial participation ; the competent authorities shall have the power to approve location filming in a country other than the countries of the participating co-producers.
  • Where location filming is to be carried out in a country other than that of the participating coproducers, citizens of that country may be employed as crowd artists, in small roles, or as additional employees whose services are necessary for the location work to be undertaken.
  • Individuals participating in the making of the film shall be nationals of a Party or, where there is a third co-producer, citizens of that co-producer's country.
  • Technical and craft participation shall be proportional to the financial participation of each coproducer .
  • Any music specially composed for the film shall be composed by nationals of one or both of the Parties or, where there is a third co-producer, it may be composed by citizens of that co-producer's country.