Co-production Treaty between
Canada & Germany

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Specific Conditions

  • The performing, technical, artistic and creative contribution of the coproducers shall be in reasonable proportion to their financial participation. There should be an overall balance in the number of coproductions, as well as an overall balance in the artistic, technical and financial contributions.
  • All participants shall be Canadian or German nationals or permanent residents, or nationals of a member state of the EU. Actors, authors, artistic or technical staff members from third countries may participate, in exceptional cases, by agreement of the administrative authorities.
  • Studio shooting and location shooting shall take place within the territory of Germany or Canada. Location shooting in a third-party country may be authorized by the competent authorities, if the technical aspects or the action of the production so require.
  • Twinning arrangement may be considered as coproductions and receive the same benefits, with the approval of the administrative authorities.
  • Application for benefits under this agreement for any coproduction must be made simultaneously to the administrative authorities at least thirty days before shooting begins.