Co-production Treaty between
Austria & Luxembourg

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Specific Conditions

  • Provided that the prerequisites are met, studio recordings shall be carried out in studios located in either one of the two states which are parties to this Agreement. The production of copy output material in languages other than German shall require the agreement of both parties.
  • An original or dubbed version of the final version of the film shall be in German. This version may contain dialogue passages in another language if required by the screenplay.
  • Minority and majority participation in multilateral joint productions. In the case of multilateral joint productions, the minority shareholding shall not be less than ten (10) of the total cost of the film, and the majority interest shall not exceed 70 (seventy) percent of the total cost of the film.
  • Films may also be admitted which are produced in one of the two countries and for which the minority participation is limited to the financial participation only, in accordance with the provisions of the joint financial participation, if (1) the cultural identity of the film project is thereby strengthened and the film project is of a recognized technical and artistic quality, (2) it is a minority shareholding (at least 10% and at most 25% of the total production costs) is involved.