Co-production Treaty between
Bosnia and Herzegovina & Canada

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Specific Conditions

  • The minority coproducer shall be required to make an effective technical and creative contribution proporitonal, in principle, to his investment and include at least one technician, one leading performer and one supporting performer.
  • All participants in the coproduction must be nationals or permanent residents of either Canada or Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  • Should the coproduction so require, the participation of one performer of another country may be permitted, subject to agreement between the competent authorities.
  • Coproductions with countries to which both Canada and Bosnia-Herzegovina are bound by coproduction agreements are allowed.
  • Live action shooting as well as animation works must be carried out in either Canada or Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  • Location shooting, exterior or interior, in a country not participating in the coproduction may be authorized, if the script so requires and if technicians from Canada and Bosnia-Herzegovina take part in the shooting.

Other considerations

Canada - Ex Yugoslavia Coproduction Treaty