Co-production Treaty between
Germany & Switzerland

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Specific Conditions

  • Each coproducer must contribute financially, technically and artistically proportionally to their financial participation
  • Production companies must have a sound technical and financial set-up and professional experience recognized by the competent authority
  • Those involved in the making of the film must be:   - For Germany: German, EU, EEA, Swiss nationals  - For Switzerland: must be Swiss nationals, with a resident permit, EU nationals or from a country of the Free Trade Union  - For Austria: Must be Austrian nationals, resident and with a Austrian work permit, EU EEA or Swiss national     If creative and production team are from only two countries, it will be up to the producers to determine to which country they will be contracted. 
  • Third party nationals can be eligible under specific circumstances except for the directors and producers
  • Producers from third countries can join the co-production, if their country is linked to Germany, Austria or Switzerland by a films co-production agreement.
  • In general, the film is registered at film festivals as an entry of the majority coproducer or by a coproducer which provides the director. By mutual agreement of the film can also be registered by both of them.
  • Coproductions must have received approval from the competent authorities of the two contracting parties before the start of shooting.
  • Financial coproduction are eligible if the financial participation of the coproducers is between 10% and 20% of total production costs This Treaty replaces the previous Bilateral Coproduction Treaties signed between Austria, Switzerland and Germany