Co-production Treaty between
Belgium & China

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Specific Conditions

  • Production companies must have a financial set-up and professional experience recognized by the competent authorities
  • Artistic, technical and financial participation between the two parties must be wlell balanced
  • The artictic team (authors, director(s), editor, artistic director, set decorator, main cast) must be Chinese or Belgian nationales or from an European country
  • Each coproduction must include artistic and technical elements. The proportion of such creative and technical elements must be approved by the competent authorities
  • Shooting and postproduction shall preferably take place in one of the two countries. Shooting outside of the two countries must be approved by the competent authorithies and creatively required
  • The minority coproducer participation must include one author or one key technician, one lead actor or two secondary roles, or, subject to approval by the comptetent authorities, a second author and a second key technician

Other considerations

Signed with the Wallonia-Brussels Federation