Co-production Treaty between
India & Spain

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Specific Conditions

1. on a general basis, in co-productions there must exist an effective contribution of technical, creative and artistic personnel, of the nationality of the participant countries, which must be in proportion to the financial contribution made by each co-production 2. Technical and artistic personnel are those persons who, in accordance with the domestic law in force in their own country, are recognized as makers of audio-visual productions, in particular screenwriters, directors, composers, editors, directors of photography, art directors, actors and sound technicians. Ti-re contribution of each of these persons shall be evaluated individually. ; The contribution by a minority co-producer will include participation of at least two actors and a head of Department in addition to an author (author means director or screenwriter or photography director or music composers. Both the financial contribution and the participation of each of the co-producers in the performing, technical, artistic and creative tasks shall represent at least 20% (twenty percent) of the budget in making the co-production films.