Co-production Treaty between
China & India

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Specific Conditions

- shooting, including animation works such as storyboards, layout' key animation, in between and voice recording must. in princip|e, be carried out a|ternately in |ndia or inChina - location shooting of a co-produced film, exterior or interior, in a third party coproduction country is eligible, but as to be authorized by the competent authorities of both countries if it is required by the script or the action and if the technicians part of the shooting are from lndia and China - the processing of the project shall be done in either India or China, unless it is technically impossible to do so in either of the 2 countries; in which case the processing and post-iroduction in a country not participating in the co-production may be arthorized by the authorities or both countries - the original version of the projects shall be made in Hindi, or any other Indian language or diatect, or in Chinese, or English or in any combination of those permitted languages. Dialogue in other languages may be authorised if required by the scenario - a general balance should be maintained regarding both the artistic and technical personnel, including the cast