Co-production Treaty between
China & Luxembourg

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Specific Conditions

  • With joint approval by the competent authorities, any third-party co-producer may participate in co-producing.
  • All participants shall be citizens or nationals of either China, Luxembourg, UE or EEA, or when there is a third party co-producer, by citizens or residents of this party, except in the case of particular requirements of the film.
  • Co-production Films must receive provisional approval from the respective Competent Authorities before they are put into production and must be made in accordance with the terms of the provisional approval which has been given by the Competent Authorities.
  • The Competent Authorities shall consult with each other to enable them to determine whether a project conforms with the provisions of this Agreement and may stipulate conditions of approval framed in order to achieve the general aims and objectives of this Agreement.
  • The approval of a Co-production Film by the Competent Authorities shall not bind the relevant authorities in either Contracting Party to permit the public exhibition of the resulting film.