Co-production Treaty between
Belgium & Chile

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Specific Conditions

  • Artistic and technical staff involved in the film must be nationals of either Chile or Belgium nationals of a state of the EU, or official resident in Chile or Belgium.
  • Studio shooting shall preferably be carried out within the territory of the contracting parties.
  • Creative, artistic and technical participation must be proportional to the financial participation of each coproducer and must respect a general balance. The contribution of the minority coproducer shall include at least 1 autor and 1 actor in a main role or 1 actor in a main role and 2 supporting actors or in exceptional case a second author or a second technician.
  • In any case, the coproduction must  comprehend on both side an effective artistic and technical participation
  • Presentation in festivals is under the responsability of the majority coproducer
  • Receipts from the exploitation of the projet must be divided, in principle, in proportion to the overall contribution of each coproducer
  • The porject can be coproduced with one or more producers from States with one or both producer from States with one or both of the parties have concluded audiovisual coproduction agreements
  • Applications for approval must be sent to the competent authorities of the two contracting Parties at least 30 days before shooting

Other considerations

Signed by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation