Co-production Treaty between
Belgium & Canada

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Specific Conditions

  • Creative, artistic and technical participation must be proportional to the financial participation of each coproducer.
  • The work shall be made by Canadian or Belgian directors and key technicians or nationals of a member state of the European Economic Community. Key positions (see list in coproduction treaty PDF) will be filled by one or more  nationals of each of the coproducing participants
  • One of those key position may be filled by a non-participant national. For high budget work, a second non-participant national can fill one of the key position subject to the approval of the competent authorities of both countries
  • Coproducers must demaonstrate the existence of a distribution or broadcasting commitment for the work in each of the coproducing participants. Under mutual consent, an alternative distribution commitment can be accepted
  • Shooting shall be carried out in one or the other coproducing country. Location shooting, exterior or interior, in a third-party country may be permitted if this third-party country is bound by coproduction agreement with one of the coproducing countries and if the script of the film so requires
  • Application procedure will be made with Telefilm Canada for the Canadian coproducer and with the Belgian Communities for the Belgian coproducer no later than 30 days before the start of shooting
  • Financial coproductions are not eligible

Other considerations

Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) signed between the Government of Canada, the French Community, the Flemish Community and the German Community of Belgium / This MOU replaces the previous agreemnts signed between Belgium and Canada