Co-production Treaty between
China & Greece

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Specific Conditions

- Co-producers must provide evidence that they have the proper technical organization, adequate financial support, recognized professional standing and qualifications to bring the Co-production to a successful conclusion - the project must be developed, shot, made, processed, dubbed or subtitled, up to the first release print in the coproduction countries. If the screenplay or the subject requires to be shot outside of the coproduction countries, it must be authorized by the Competent Authorities - The producers, authors, scriptwriters, performers, directors, professionals and technicians participating in a Co-production Film, must be citizens or permanent residents of the Hellenic Republic or of the People's Republic of China in accordance, with the domestic legislation of the Parties respectively. - The participation of artistic and technical staff and professionals from third party country is eligible if the If required by the scenario,may be permitted, in exceptional circumstances, subject to the approval of the Competent Authorities. - the use of any other language other than the languages permitted according to the respective domestic legislation of the Parties, may be pennitted if the screenplay requires so. - With joint approval by the Competent Authorities, any third party co-producer may participate in co-producing a Co-production Film under this Agreement. - the Co-producers shall be required to make an effective technical and creative contribution, proportional to their financial investment in the project. The technical and creative contribution will be a combination of authors, actors, technical-production personnel, laboratories and facilities. - Approval of a proposal for the co-production of a film by the Competent Authorities does not imply any permission or authorization to show or distribute the project