Co-production Treaty between
Belgium & Italy

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Specific Conditions

  • The contribution of the minority co-producer shall include at least 1 author (director, scriptwriter, or composer) or 1 technician ( director of photography, sound engineer, sound mixer, chief decorator, costume designer). 1 actor in a leading role, actors in secondary roles, although exceptions may be made case by case, of actors in secondary roles.
  • The shooting, the post-production, and the process of making copies shall be carried out within the territory of the contracting parties except in cases of co-production agreement with a third-party country or for specific requirements.
  • The minimal coproduction share can not be less than 20%. Exceptions shall be made for films with a budget equal or superior to 2.000.000 Euros with a minimal co-production share of 10% with the agreement of both parties.

Other considerations

Treaty concluded with the Wallonia-Brussels community