Co-production Treaty between
Europe & South Korea

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Specific Conditions

  • Participation of producers from two Member States of the European Union will be necessary for each co-produced audio-visual work, other than animation works. With respect to animation works, the participation of producers from three Member States of the European Union will be necessary. The proportion of the financial contribution of a producer or producers of each Member State of the European Union shall be no less than 10 percent;
  • The minimum respective financial contributions to a co-produced audiovisual work other than animation works, of the producers of the EC Party (taken together) and the producers of Korea (taken together) may not be less than 30% of the total production cost of the audio-visual work. With respect to animation works this contribution may not be less than 35 percent of the total production cost;
  • co-produced audiovisual works other than animation works the technical and artistic contribution of each Party’s producers (taken together) shall not vary by more than 20 % compared to their financial contribution and cannot, in any case, represent more than 70% of the overall contribution.

Other considerations

Protocole on cultural cooperation between the UE and South Korea.