Co-production Treaty between
Belgium & Jordan

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Specific Conditions

Article 1. Scope of the agreement §1. This agreement shall govern relations between the Parties in the field of audiovisual co-productions originating in the territory of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan or the Flemish Community, which comprises the following language areas of Belgium: the Dutch-speaking area and the bilingual Brussels-Capital area. Article 3. Definitions §2. “Audiovisual work” shall mean a film, television or video production of any length or genre (fiction, animation, documentary), on any existing or future production medium intended for viewing, in accordance with the legislative and regulatory terms and conditions applicable in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Flemish Community respectively. Article 5. Provisional and final approval §1. Any audiovisual co-production shall be subject to the provisional and final approval of the administrative authorities in accordance with the procedures laid down in Annex I. This Annex shall form an integral part of this Agreement. §3. The administrative authorities shall use this Agreement and its Annex as a basis for determining provisional and final approval. The administrative authorities shall consult with each other in order to determine whether a project conforms with the provisions of this Agreement and the Annex. Article 6. Conditions for obtaining co-production status §3. The production crews from both Parties shall respect the constitution, laws and regulations, ethnic cultures, religious beliefs and local customs of the country in which location shooting takes place. §5. 1° The minimum financial contribution to a work of either the Flemish or the Jordanian producer will not be lower than 10% of the total production budget. 2° In the case of a multipartite work, the minimum contribution of any of the producers will not be lower than 10% of the total production budget. §7. The audiovisual co-production will be available in Dutch and Arabic (subtitles or a dubbed version). Article 7. Technical and artistic participation §1. Individuals participating in the making of the audiovisual co-production or performing or making a technical and creative contribution to the co-production, shall be nationals or residents of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan or of the Kingdom of Belgium, or of a member state of the European Union or the European Economic Area. §2. The technical and creative contribution will be agreed upon by the co-producers before the audiovisual co-production is submitted to the administrative authorities for approval, and will be in reasonable proportion to each of the co-producer’s financial participation. Every co-produced audiovisual work needs to be based on a genuine technical and creative contribution from the two parties. In exceptional circumstances, called for by the script or other crucial elements of the production, the administrative authorities may jointly consent to engage personnel from other countries. Article 9. Film festivals In order to benefit from the provisions of this Agreement, the majority co-producer shall have the first privilege of sending an audiovisual co-production to film festivals. If both co-producers agree, either one may send an audiovisual co-production to international film festivals provided that the respective administrative authorities have been informed of this intention 30 days before the event starts. Article 11. General Balance §2. A Party which, over a reasonable period, observes a deficit in its co-production relations may withhold its approval of a subsequent co-produced audiovisual work until balanced relations have been restored.