Co-production Treaty between
India & Portugal

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Specific Conditions

  • The persons participating in the production of an Approved co-production shall fulfil the following requirements: (i) Nationals/citizens of the Republic of India or; (ii) Entities which are established and/or incorporated in India. (i) Nationals /citizens of the Portuguese Republic or the European Economic Area; (ii) Entities which are established in the Portuguese Republic
  • As a rule, the approved co-production status under this Agreement is granted to bilateral co-production in which the contribution of the minority co-producer is not below 20% of the total cost of the film.
  • Nothing in this Agreement binds the competent authorities of the Parties to permit the public exhibition of a film, which has been granted Approved Co-production status.
  • In the case of multi-lateral co-productions, the minority contribution may not be less than 10% ant the majority contribution may not exceed 70% of the total cost of the film.
  • Applications for any benefits must be submitted simultaneously to the Competent Authorities at least 60 days before filming begins.
  • As a rule, applications for selection of Approved Co-productions in international festivals shall be submitted by the majority co-producer.
  • The joint commission shall comprise an equal number of members from both Parties, representing the Government and the film industry of both Parties.
  • None of the co-producers shall be linked by common management, ownership or control.
  • The original soundtrack of each Approved Co-production shall be made in Hindi, or any other Indian language or dialect, or in Portuguese, or in English, or in any combination of those permitted languages.