Co-production Treaty between
Belgium & Italy

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Specific Conditions

  • Artistic and technical staff involved in the film must be nationals of either Italy or Belgium, or considered as such by the Authorities in Belgium and Italy
  • Creative, artistic and technical participation must be proportional to the financial participation of each coproducer. The contribution of the minority coproducer shall include at least 1 author (director, scriptwriter or composer) and 1 actor in a leading role, 2 technicians, 20%, although exceptions may be made case by case, of actors in secondary roles
  • The shooting, the post-production and the process of making copies shall be carried out within the territory of the contracting parties except in cases of coproduction agreement with a third-party country or for specific requirements.
  • If third coproduction country with coproduction treaty with Italy or Belgium, the minimal coproduction saher can not be less than 20%
  • Applications for approval must be sent to the competent Authorities of the two contracting Parties before the start of shooting.

Other considerations

Ref. Belgium Federal Government - Italy Coproduction Treaty No longer in force since 2016.