Co-production Treaty between
China & Italy

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Specific Conditions

  • All the participants involved in the coproduction must be citizens of the Italian Republic, including nationals of member states of the EU or citizens of the People's Republic of China including HongKong and Macao Special Administrative Regions or permanent residents of either of the two parties.
  • The propotion of the technical and artistic cast of each party shall be negotiated between the two producers in accordance with the script before the project is submitted to the competent authorities of both parties for approval
  • As far as the People’s Republic of China is concerned, formalities for approval are handled by China Film co-production Corporation
  • Even without technical and artistic contributions, only financial co-productions are allowed.
  • The crews shall abide by the constitution, laws and regulations, and respect the ethnic cultures, religious beliefs and local customs and conventions of the country where location shooting takes place.
  • The film can be released and shown in and out of each country only when the release permit is granted by the competent authority.