Co-production Treaty between
Brazil & Germany

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Specific Conditions

  • Participants in the production will to be Brazilian or Mercosur nationals/residents, German nationals or German residents belonging to the German cultural sphere, nationals of EU or EEA countries or other contracting states. Exceptionnaly, actors and members of the technical crew not meeting this criterion may be accepted for artistic and technical reasons or if the funding obligations require their engagement.
  • When script requires shooting in a third party countries (other than those stipulated in the above criterion), local technicians, extras, or actors for smaller roles can be accepted when their participation on exterior shots is required.
  • Coproduction with third party countries is allowed when the third party producer's share does not exceed the share of the minority coproducer of the contracting parties.
  • A coproduced film shall be entirely produced in the signatory party countries, or EU member country, Brazil or Mercosur countries or in the third-party coproducer country.
  • Only financial participation (without creative input) is possible if it is no less than 20% of the total budget and the competent authorities deem the film to be of importance, despite failure to meet the reciprocity in participation.