Co-production Treaty between
Germany & India

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Specific Conditions

  • A general balance shall be maintained as regards both the artistic and technical contributions and the financial contributions and facilities (studios, laboratories, and postproduction).
  • None of the coproducers shall be linked by common management, ownership or control.
  • At least one leading actor, one supporting actor and/or one qualified technical staff person, in addition to a maker of audio-visual productions, in particular screenwriters, directors, composers, editors, directors of photography, art directors, actors and sound technicians provided that two qualified technical staff persons may substitute for one leading actor.
  • All participants in the film shall be nationals or permanent residents of India or Germany, EU or European Economic Area citizens. If required by the film, professionals who are not citizens of one of the coproducing countries may be permitted, but only in exceptional circumstances
  • Financial coproductions are allowed.
  • Applications for qualification must be made simultaneously to both competent authorities at least 30 days before shooting begins.