Co-production Treaty between
Germany & Russia

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Specific Conditions

  • All participants in the film shall be nationals of either France or Russia or UE or European Economic Area or permanent residents of France, Russia, UE or EEA, except in the case of particular requirements of the film.
  • If a joint production is exported to a state with quotas, the following procedure shall apply: (1) a joint production shall normally be included in the quota of the state with the majority shareholding established by the contract between the co-producers of the film. (2) In the event of equal participation in the production by the parties to the contract, the film shall be handed over to the co-producer of the state in which the conditions are the most favorable for export. (3) In the event that neither the provisions of paragraph 1 nor those of paragraph 2 are applicable the joint production shall be included in the quota of the state represented by the director of the joint production.