Co-production Treaty between
Germany & Sweden

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Specific Conditions

  • Each coproducer must contribute financially, technically and artistically propotionaly to their financial participation
  • Coproduction benefits can be granted only to producers with good technical and financial organization and experience.
  • Artistic or technical team must be German or Swedish nationals/residents, who belong to the cultural sphere of the contracting parties. Exceptionally, certain cast members can be exempted if the script requires it.
  • Third country producers may join the co-production, if their country is linked to Germany or Sweden by a bilateral coproduction agreements.
  • If possible, the minority co-producer will provide at least a scriptwriter or a dialogue writer and a principal actor and an actor in a supporting role; or two actors in a prominent role and an assistant director or another prominent member of the technical crew.
  • Studio recording, sound design and development of the film must be performed within the scope of this Agreement. Foreign and original recordings outside the scope of this Agreement shall be admissible only if the plot of the movie or the technical requirements justify it.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, the film shall be presented at the festivals by the majority coproducers or in case where the financial contributions are equal, by the coproducer who provides the director.
  • Coproductions must have received approval from the competent authorities of the two contracting parties before the start of shooting.