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IBERMEDIA's goals are to promote the development of audiovisual productions destined to the Iberoamerican market and their co-productions, to promote the integration of Iberoamerican companies in supranational audiovisual networks. To create a positive environment for the development, training and exchange...

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Fund Goal

The Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage is in charge of the national policies for cultural, artistic and patrimonial matters.

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To enter Chile, all passengers must comply with the migration control at International Police by submitting their identification documents (ID card or passport) and their stamped visas (depending on the country they come from). Once the migration proceedings are done at the airport of Santiago, passengers will have to access the Baggage Claim area by the Duty Free shops, to continue with Customs and SAG (Agricultural and Livestock service) controls.

Article 100 of Decree 597 of Migration and Foreign Affairs establishes that tourists are barred to engage in remunerative activities even if they are paid off abroad. However, there is an option that the Ministry of the Interior, the Province Government and the Intendance of the Metropolitan Region, may let them work in the country-on specific cases-for a term no longer than 30 days, extended in time for equal periods up to the end of their tourist sojourn.
For Films and TV Series:
Depending on the type production it is possible to procure -at no cost- the special working permit for tourists if according to article 42 of Decree 597, the following requirements are met:
1. People, frequently artists, scientists, teachers, writers, who are outstanding figures in the cultural domain or individuals of remarkable public prestige.
2. People sponsored by public or private well-established institutions.
3. People whose activities aim towards public welfare or have a teaching purpose.

Every Municipality is independent and has its own authorities and regulations for granting all sorts of permits, including authorizations for film shoots. For this reason, the first priority is to know what Municipality has jurisdiction in the location chosen for production.All requirements and formalities needed to obtain a given permit will depend on a specific Municipality.  

Every passenger arriving in Chile has the right to enter with all the articles that are part of his or her luggage, free from duties and taxes. Similarly, the relationship between Customs and a film production is based on the temporary admittance of equipment and goods that might be used for a production. There are two options: an Agreement using the ATA Card and another without it.    

Standard VAT rate is 19% Imports are also subject to VAT, regardless of them being customary or not. Professional services rendered by employees or independent consultants are not subject to VAT.     

Film Commissions


The main objective of FILM COMMISSION CHILE is to promote the country and its regions as prime locations to shoot international productions, whether they are feature films, commercials, documentaries or television programs. FILM COMMISSION CHILE is a highly specialized agency whose aim is to increase...

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Valdivia is a wetland in the south of Chile, where native forests still exist, and the rivers are the main arteries of existence. Reach us to discuss any production needs.

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