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Doctv Latinamerica is dedicated to the production and distribution of Latin-American documentaries. It is an initiative of CAACI and is officially run by the DOCTV RED, a strategic structure composed of seventeen audiovisual entities and twenty-two public broadcasters in the Latin-American region. Currently...

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IBERMEDIA's goals are to promote the development of audiovisual productions destined to the Iberoamerican market and their co-productions, to promote the integration of Iberoamerican companies in supranational audiovisual networks. To create a positive environment for the development, training and exchange...

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Fund Goal

To stimulate, regulate and develop the audiovisual industry in Venezuela

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The required visa for a foreigner who wishes to come to Venezuela and develop a film project is the “Nonresident business visa” ("Visado de Transeúnte de Negocios”). This visa is given to non-migrant commercial traders, executives, company or industry representatives and micro-businessmen, who wish to come to the country for commercial, mercantile or any other legal lucrative activity related to their business.

Validity: one (1) year, multiple entries, and permanence in the country for up to one hundred and eighty (180) days, without extensions are allowed.

The Venezuelan Film Commission grants the General Filming Permit for any foreign film project that is to be made in our country. The General Permit for Filming is free of charge and will be granted in five (5) working days, once all necessary documentation has been received at our offices. If the location where you wish to film has been declared a national park, natural monument or recreational park, an additional permits must be requested with your representative or local producer at the National Park Institute (INPARQUES). If the location where you wish to film is declared an indigenous zone, an additional permit must be requested by the local representative or producer at the Popular Power Ministry for Indigenous People. The National Museum Foundation (FMN) is the entity in charge of administering the museums in Venezuela. In order to develop a film production in any museum, your representatives must subscribe a letter to the Institutional Relations and Information Coordination, who will be in charge of processing the necessary permits.

The office in charge of customs in Venezuela is the National Integrated Service of Customs Administration and Taxes (SENIAT). Venezuela has seventeen main customs offices, and their corresponding branch offices, in charge of perceptive control, physical verification of declared merchandise and corresponding tax payments and liquidations. This form of admissions allows the temporary importation of foreign equipment and merchandise necessary for the project that has to be returned to the country of origin after a certain period of time. The current commercial exchange requires controlling transit of people and merchandise that could endanger the national environment, biological diversity, ecological processes, national parks and other areas of special ecological importance, in accordance with Chapter IX of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The standard VAT rate  (impuesto al valor agregado (IVA)) is 12 % / max. 16,5%

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