Screen Australia

Fund Goal

Screen Australia is the Australian Government’s major screen agency and administrator of the Producer Offset of up to 40% for feature films and 20% for TV and other eligible formats. We finance innovative and high-quality film and TV projects, and develop content, enterprises and talent. We conduct...

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Fund's programme(s)

Programme Level Activity Budget
AU - Distribution Support for Documentaries National Distribution
AU - Distribution Support for Feature Films National Distribution
AU - Children's Program Production National Production
AU - Completion Funding National Postproduction
AU - Documentary Commissioned Program National Production / Postproduction
AU - Documentary Development Funding National Development
AU - Documentary Producer Program National Production / Postproduction
AU - Feature Film Program National Production
AU - General Drama Production National Production
AU - Story Development / Feature film and high end TV series (drama), online and interactive drama National Development
AU - Producer Offset Production Incentive Production