Mexican Film Institute

Fund Goal

To promote the development of national film activity through production support, stimulus to creators, industry encouragement and the promotion and distribution of Mexican cinema.

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Fund's programme(s)

Programme Level Activity Budget
MX - Creative Stimulus (scriptwriting and development) Support National Scriptwriting 7 MXN
MX - Short Films Support / Regional Program National Production / Postproduction 550 000 MXN
MX - FIDECINE National Production / Postproduction 80 000 000 MXN
MX - FOCINE Production Support (feature documentary & fiction) National Production
MX - FOCINE Post-Production Support (feature & short) National Postproduction
MX - FOCINE Production Support (feature/short animation) National Production / Development
MX - FOPROCINE / Quality Film Production Fund National Production / Postproduction 75 MXN
MX - EFICINE 189 Production Incentive Production / Postproduction 650 000 000 MXN