Co-production Treaty between
Bulgaria & France

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Specific Conditions

  • To benefit from the provisions of this agreement, coproduction films must be approved by the competent authorities of both Parties no later than four months after their cinema release in Bulgaria or France.
  • Artistic and technical staff involved in the film must be nationals or permanent residents of either Bulgaria or France or must be nationals of a state of the EU or of the Common European Economic Space. The participation of third-party country artists or technicians is permitted, subject to agreement between the competent authorities of both countries.
  • The filming must be done in studios established in the territory of either Party.
  • On-location shooting shall be carried out within the territory of the contracting parties except for specific requirements.
  • By derogation and after agreement of the authorities of both Parties, the 20% threshold may be lowered to 10% taking into account the artistic and technical collaboration of the co-producer(s) of each Party.
  • In the event that the co-producers are from at least three States parties to the above-mentioned European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production, the provisions of the latter may be applied, under the conditions laid down in Article 2 of that Convention. These stipulations prevail, where appropriate, over those of this Agreement.