Co-production Treaty between
China & New Zealand

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Specific Conditions

  • A Co-production Film has a minimum creative and financial contribution from each co-producer
  • Where either China or New Zealand maintains a film co-production treaty with a non-party, the competent authorities may jointly approve a project for a Co-production Film under this Agreement that is to be made in conjunction with a third co-producer from that non-party. Approvals under this Article shall be limited to proposals in which the contribution of the third co-producer from a non-party is no greater than the lesser of the individual contributions of the Chinese and New Zealand co-producers.
  • Each of the Contracting Parties shall permit the nationals and residents of the other country and citizens of the territory of any third co-producer to enter and remain in China or New Zealand as the case may be, for the purpose of making or exploiting a Co-production Film, subject to the requirement that they comply with the relevant laws relating to entry and stay.
  • Individuals participating in the making of Co-production Films will be nationals or residents of China or New Zealand, or, where there is a third co-producer, citizens of that co-producer's territory. In exceptional circumstances, where script or financing dictates, performers from other countries may be engaged. The engagement of such performers will be restricted in accordance with the regulations of the Contracting Parties.
  • The performing, technical and craft contribution (being the "creative" contribution) and the financial contribution of each co-producer will be agreed by the co-producers