Co-production Treaty between
Canada & New Zealand

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Specific Conditions

  • Departures from minimum staffing requirements may be approved by the competent authorities of both countries.
  • Location shooting, exterior or interior, in a third-party country, if the script or action so requires and if technicians from the coproducing countries take part in the shooting.
  • Participation of third-party country performers, should the coproduction so require, subject to approval by the competent authorities.
  • The producers, writers and directors of the co-productions, as well as technicians, performers and other production personnel participating in the production, must be citizens of Canada or New Zealand, or permanent residents of Canada or permanent residents of New Zealand.
  • This Agreement shall not apply to the Cook Island, Niue and Tokelau.
  • The minority co-producer shall be required to make an effective technical and creative contribution. In principle, the contribution of the minority co-producer in technicians and performers shall be in proportion to his, her or its investment. In all cases such contribution shall include the participation of not less than three technicians, one performer in a leading role and two performers in supporting roles.