Co-production Treaty between
Italy & South Africa

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Specific Conditions

  • The minority co-producer shall be required to make an effective technical and creative contribution.
  • All the participants in the production, must be nationals of the Italian Republic or the Republic of South Africa, or nationals of member States of EU or member states of the African Union including Southern African Development Community Region (SADC)or permanent residents of The Republic of South Africa.
  • The participation of performers who are not citizens of one of the co-producing countries may be permitted, but only in exceptional circumstances, and subject to agreement between the competent authorities of both countries.
  • If the scenario or the subject of the film so requires, location shooting, exterior or interior, in a country not participating in the co-production may be authorized.
  • Films to be co-produced by the Parties must be approved after consultation between the competent authorities of both Parties.