Co-production Treaty between
Germany & South Africa

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Specific Conditions

  • The artistic and technical contribution of each coproducer shall be in reasonable proportion to his or her financial investment and shall maintain a general balance.
  • At least one leading actor, one supporting actor and/or one qualified technical staff person, in addition to key creative person (screenwriters, directors, composers, editors, directors of photography, art directors, actors and sound technicians provided that two qualified technical staff persons may substitute for one leading actor).
  • All participants shall be nationals or legal residents of Germany, nationals of a member state of the EU or of the European Economic Area ; nationals or permanent residents of South Africa or nationals of member states of the African Union including the Southern African Development Community. If required by the film, professionals not citizens of one of the coproducing countries may be permitted, in exceptional circumstances, and subject to agreement between the competent authorities.
  • Financial coproductions are allowed.
  • Twinning arrangements may be allowed with the approval of the competent authorities. In this case, the reciprocal participation of the producers of both countries may be limited to a financial contribution alone, without necessarily excluding all artistic or technical contribution.