Co-production Treaty between
New Zealand & Spain

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Specific Conditions

  • Coproducers shall not be associated with each other as a result of common exercise of management, ownership or control any company except to the extent that is inherent in the making of the coproduction itself.
  • The contribution of technical, creative and artistic staff, who are nationals of each party, shall be in proportional to the amount of each coproducer's financial contribution (including studios, lab and post-production services). The participation of nationals of another country may be permitted, if required by the film and agreed between the competent authorities.
  • Coproductions shall be made and processed up to the creation of the first copy in Spain and/or New Zealand and/or, where there is a third coproducer, in that third-party country.
  • Competent authorities may approve location filming in a country other than those of the participating coproducers.
  • Financial coproduction are allowed if the contribution does not exceed 25% and is not lower than 10%.