Co-production Treaty between
Denmark & New Zealand

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Specific Conditions

  • If the contribution of one of the parties is limited to the provision of finance only, in which case approvals shall be limited to projects where the proposed finance only contribution is no greater than 50% (fifty percent) of the total costs of the film.
  • Participants shall be nationals of Denmark and of New Zealand, and where there is a third co-producer, national of the third party’s country. In exceptional circumstances, a restricted number of performers and technicians from other countries may be engaged.
  • A screenwriter who is a citizen or a permanent resident of a country other than the participating co-production countries who makes a minor contribution to the screenplay of a film co-production and who does not receive a writer’s credit shall not be considered to have participated in the making of the film co-production.
  • Competent authorities may approve location filming in a country other than those of the participating parties.
  • Co-production films shall require, prior to the commencement of shooting, joint approval of the competent authorities. None of the co-producers shall be linked by common management, ownership, or control, save to the extent that it is inherent in the making of the co-production film itself.