Co-production Treaty between
New Zealand & South Korea

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Specific Conditions

  • For each co-production film:the performing, technical, craft and creative participation of the co-producers; and the production expenditure in each of the co-producer’s countries shall be in reasonable proportion to their respective financial contributions.
  • Persons participating in a co-production film shall be nationals of the Republic of Korea and of New Zealand and, where there is a third co-producer, nationals of the third co-producer’s country.
  • Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, co-production films shall be shot and post-produced in New Zealand and/or in the Republic of Korea and/or, where there is a third co-producer, in that third co-producer’s country.
  • Each of the Parties shall provide, in accordance with their respective legislation, temporary admission, free of import duties and taxes, of technical equipment for the making of co-production films.