Co-production Treaty between
Australia & New Zealand

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Specific Conditions

  • The proportion of Australian and New Zealand financial and creative equity may vary from one co-production to another under this Agreement but, overall and over time, there shall be a balance of both financial and creative elements so as to ensure that co-productions made under this Agreement are of significant benefit to the film industries of both countries.
  • The creative and technical participants in the co-production film will be Nationals or Residents of Australia or New Zealand.Should the co-production film so require, the participation of persons other than those provided for in the preceding sub-paragraph may be permitted, subject to the approval of each competent authority.
  • Copyright in co-production films will be divided as the co-producers agree but so that each investor will be a first owner of a share of the copyright subsisting throughout the world in the relevant co-production film as a tenant-in-common with all other investors.
  • The AFC and the NZFC will endeavour to facilitate the entry into and temporary residence in their respective countries, of residents of the other's country and any other persons participating in making or exploiting a co-production film, subject to the requirement that they comply with the laws and regulations relating to entry and residence.