Co-production Treaty between
France & United Kingdom

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Specific Conditions

  • Creative and technical staff shall be nationals or residents of either France or the United Kingdom or another member State ; for leading artists or principal directors, they can be nationals or residents of third countries subject to the approval by the competent authority of both countries
  • Studio and location shooting, processing, dubbing and sound-recording shall normally be carried out in the majority coproduction country
  • A case-by-case basis to the co-production of films of an international nature between France and the United Kingdom and countries to which either of them is linked by a co-production agreement or which are Parties to the European Convention for Cinematographic Co-production, is favoured by the competent authorities of the two countries
  • On terms of reciprocity between majority and minority co-productions, for any one company, two financial co-productions in succession may not be allowed to benefit from this agreement without a majority financial co-production by that company having previously been given financial co-production status