Co-production Treaty between
New Zealand & Taiwan

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Specific Conditions


The contribution of one of the co-producers is limited to the provision of finance only, in which case approvals shall be limited to projects where the proposed finance-only contribution is no greater than 50% of the total costs of the film

Persons participating in a co-production film shall be citizens from New Zealand or Chinese Taipei and, where there is a third country co-producer, citizens of the non-party

Competent authorities may approve location filming in places, countries, or locations other than those of the participating coproducers (Taiwan and New Zealand). Persons of the country in which location filming takes place may be employed as crowd artists, in small roles, or as additional employees whose services are necessary for the location work to be undertaken.

Narration, dubbing or subtitling in English, Mandarin, Maori or in any combination of those languages shall be permitted.