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Fund Goal

To encourage co-operation between professionals working in different countries by providing financial support to European co-productions.

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Fund Goal

The directions of support include production, distribution and exhibition of national films as well as participation in film festivals, film markets, etc. Its main goals are supporting domestic cinematography, increasing competitiveness and making national films popular in Russia and abroad.

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All visitors to Russia need a visa, except residents of the CIS countries and Israel. Visas may be obtained from Russian diplomatic delegations outside Russia.
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Foreign residents interested in working in Russia must obtain a work permit. A work permit is issued, subject to an investigation to ensure that the case concerns a skilled worker with no criminal record. The employer in Russia must obtain the work permit before the employee arrives in Russia. Some employees are exempt from having to obtain a work permit. These include journalists, lecturers in institutes of higher learning and employees of foreign companies who are brought to Russia to install new equipment that has been supplied by foreign companies.

In order to exercise film, video and photo shooting in state institutions, military objects a special permit is required. Such objects include bridges, tunnels, train stations, airports, underground/ metro, Red Square, Ostankino Tower etc. Please, consider the private property law which includes the right of the proprietor for ownership, use and disposition of property. The Russian legislation does not have concrete law, specifying the regulations for filming of private property objects, so the usual practice is the following: if the cameraman is not located on private territory, he can film the private property objects from the outside. The interior filming is not allowed if the proprietor informed about it with a sign or an oral statement. All the other interior filming is not considered illegal. But from a practical point of view it's recommended to obtain a written permission from the proprietor to do the interior filming, especially if the materials are for further commercial use. Currently the law enforcement agencies can prohibit the filming near schools, kindergartens, theaters and similar institutions as means of anti-terrorist efforts. And if the police do not permit video and photo shooting, it is advised to follow the restrictions and to obtain an official permit.

Accepts ATA Carnets for Commercial Samples, Exhibitions and Fairs, Professional Equipment. For detailed information visit

VAT standard rate in Russia is 18%. Reduced rate of 10%: on some supplies of basic foodstuffs and children's clothing and footwear Are exempt from VAT: some imported medicines, medical equipment and scientific research. Other exemptions include cultural and educational services, as well as services rendered by lawyers. The tax period for VAT is per quarter. A foreign legal entity carrying out its business activity through several branches located within the territory of the Russian Federation can independently choose one branch through which VAT on the sales and services of all branches should be paid.

  This Law governs the relations arising from the creation and exploitation of scientific, literary and artistic works (copyright) and of phonograms, performances and the programs of broadcasting or cable distribution organizations (neighboring rights).  Ref: Law on Copyright and Neighboring Rights, 1995 (    

Since 2011 the tax burden was increased from 26% to 34% of labour compensation fund (contribution to the Pension Fund - 26%; contribution to the Social Security Fund - 2,9%; contribution to the Federal Medical Insurance Fund - 2,1%; contribution to the Territorial Medical Insurance Funds - 3%). Special rates are established for certain groups of employers and professions.

Film Commissions


CFIC is aimed to support and promote Russian film industry and culture with international projects taken care in Russia by experienced staff. CFIC’s primary goals are to set up an active reliable and professional support to international producers and their projects; to promote the image of Russia...

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Sankt Petersburg

Film Commission St. Petersburg became the first specialized company in the European part of Russia, designed to assist in the process of filming the Russian and foreign filmmakers. The company provides a full range of services: from visa and permits for filming, to accommodate crews and assist in renting...

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