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The MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe supports the EU film and audiovisual industries financially in the development, distribution and promotion of their work. It helps to launch projects with a European dimension and nurtures new technologies; it enables European films and audiovisual works including...

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Fund Goal

The Ukrainian State Film Agency is the central executive Governmental authority in the sphere of cinematography and was established on 06 April 2011. The work of the Ukrainian State Film Agency focuses on the implementation of state policy in the field of cinematography, regulation in the field of...

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Citizens of the following countries do not need a
Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Georgia, Holy See, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Norway, Paraguay,  Russia, San Marino, Serbia, South Korea, Switzerland, Tajikistan, USA and Uzbekistan.
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Work permits are issued by the State Employment Center at the employer’s location on the basis of an application with supporting documents. Each local Employment Center creates a special commission for reviewing work permit applications and issuing or refusing work permits (Work Permit Commission).

No official permission is required for feature film shoots or any other type of production other than the normal requirement for permission from the owner of the authority responsible for the location in question; with the obvious high security exceptions. Regular street permission usually takes around one week. Important city owned enterprises such as metro stations also require around one week notice.

Accepts ATA Carnets for Commercial Samples, Exhibitions and Fairs, Professional Equipment. For detailed information visit For transit between Ukraine and Russia the following offices are authorized to process Carnets: Dolzhanskyy (UA), Novo-Shakhtinsk (RU); Krasna Talivka (UA), Voloshino (RU); Hoptivka (UA), Nekhoteyevka (RU); Bachivsk (UA), Troebortneye (RU).

VAT standard rate is 20% . Some transactions are subject to zero–rate (0%) VAT like: - inter-alia export of goods and services There are plans to reduce the standard rate from 20% to 17% with effect from January 1, 2014. There is no mechanism for foreign entities to be registered as VAT payers. Therefore, it is not possible for foreign entities to recover any input VAT, except, however, the case when a foreign company works in Ukraine through its permanent establishment registered as VAT payer herein.

The copyright Law shall protect personal non-proprietary rights and proprietary rights of authors and their successors related to the creation and use of works of science, literature and art - copyright, and the rights of performers, manufacturers of phonograms and videograms and broadcast organizations - related rights. Just like any other asset, copyright may be transferred or sold by the copyright owner to another party. Ref:  

Since July 2010, the law introduced a single social security contribution instead of social security contributions existing to date. The rate of such single contribution to be paid at the expense of employers vary from 36.76% to 49.7% depending on the class of professional risk. The rate of the single contribution to be paid at the expense of employees is 3.6%.

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Ukraine Film Office is an industry-sponsored consulting organization intended to serve as promotional body for Ukrainian film industry abroad. Its aim is attaining wide recognition of Ukraine as an international film production and service centre. Ukraine Film Office provides information on every aspect...

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