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Visas exemption for citizens of the following countries: Belarus, China, Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine and Uzbekistan
Visas on arrival for citizens of the following countries: Bahrain,  China,  Israel (60 days),  Japan,  Kuwait,  Malaysia,  Oman,  Qatar,  Saudi Arabia,  Singapore,  South Korea,  United Arab Emirates.
Limited visa on arrival for the citizens of the following countries: Iran, Turkey, USA.

Since June, 2016 an electronic visa system - ASAN VISA, was put in place. 
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Foreign employees employed by enterprises (affiliates or representative offices) operating in the country are subject to Azerbaijani labor law, except for those working in enterprises, branches or representative offices located in Azerbaijan under employment contracts concluded in the foreign state where the employer is located.
Foreign nationals wishing to work in Azerbaijan are required to register at their place of residence and obtain a work permit. Work permits are issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. Heads of representative offices and branches of foreign legal entities (and their deputies) are not required to obtain a work permit in Azerbaijan.

Most locations are accessible. Unlike in most oil producing countries, filming oil facilities are accessible in Azerbaijan.

ATA Carnets are not accepted in Azerbaijan. Nevertheless commodities temporarily imported for a specified period that will be re-exported or used for processing, are exempt from import duties. Temporary import permits must be renewed after one year. Failure to do so risks forfeiture of the duty free status and full assessment of duty with penalties back to the time of initial import.

The standard rate of VAT in Azerbaijan is 18%. VAT in Azerbaijan is similar to most European VAT systems, with tax levied on the supply of most goods and services, and the import of goods. VAT payers are entitled to recover the amount of VAT paid on purchases (input VAT) that exceeds the VAT received from their taxable supplies (output VAT).

The Copyright Law regulates the relations on creation and exploitation of scientific, literary and artistic works (copyright) and of performances, phonograms, programs of broadcasting or cable distribution (relaying) organizations (related rights) in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Ref: Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Copyright and Related Rights (as last amended by Law No. 1079-IIIQD of September 30, 2010) (

Employers are required to make contributions to the state social protection fund on behalf of their employees. The rate is 25%, with 22% paid by the employer on gross payroll and 3% withheld from the employee's gross salary.

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Tasks of AzFC are to help: foreign investors, who want to invest their financial resources in production of Azerbaijani movies; directors and producers, who want to use this country with diversity of climate conditions as natural object, and labor force that costs less expensive; distributors, who want...

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