Co-production Treaty between
France & New Zealand

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Specific Conditions

  • As a rule, the minority coproducer’s initial share in creative personnel, technicians and actors must be proportional to his/her investment.
  • A general balance must be achieved concerning both the participation of creative personnel, technicians and actors, and the financial and technical means of the two countries (studios and laboratories).
  • Films must be made by French or New Zealand directors who are nationals or residents of France or New Zealand and by writers technicians and performers who are French or New Zealand nationals, or residents. Directors, performers and technicians of another country may be permitted, if required by the film, and after agreement between the competent authorities of the two counties.
  • Studio shooting, the adding of sound and effects and laboratory work must preferably take place in the majority coproducer's country.
  • Development of the negative will usually be carried out in a laboratory in the majority coproducer's country. The duplication of copies for distribution shall be done in each coproduction countries.