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Fund Goal

FINAS's aim is to promote, preserve and facilitate the development of the film industry in Malaysia.

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Visa not required for a 90-day stay: Albania,  Algeria,  Argentina,  Australia,  Austria,  Bahrain,  Belgium,  Bosnia and Herzegovina,  Brazil,  Canada,  Croatia,  Cuba,  Cyprus,  Czech Republic,  Denmark,  Egypt,  Finland,  France,  Germany,  Greece,  Hungary,  Iceland,  Ireland,  Italy,  Japan,  Jordan,  Kuwait,  Kyrgyzstan,  Lebanon,  Liechtenstein,  Luxembourg,  Malta,  Morocco,  Netherlands,  New Zealand,  Norway,  Oman,  Peru,  Poland,  Romania,  Qatar,  San Marino,  Saudi Arabia,  Slovakia,  Slovenia,  South Africa,  South Korea,  Spain,  Sweden,   Switzerland,  Tunisia,  Turkey,  Turkmenistan,  United Arab Emirates,  United Kingdom,  United States,  Uruguay,  Yemen.

Visa not required for a 30-day stay: Andorra,  Antigua and Barbuda,  Armenia,  Azerbaijan,  Bahamas,  Barbados,  Belarus,  Belize,  Benin,  Bolivia,  Botswana,  Brunei,  Bulgaria,  Cambodia,  Cape Verde,  Chad,  Chile,  Comoros,  Costa Rica,  Dominica,  Dominican Republic,  Ecuador,  El Salvador,  Estonia,  Fiji,  Gabon,  Gambia,  Georgia,  Grenada,  Guatemala,  Guinea,  Guyana,  Haiti,  Honduras,  Hong Kong,  Indonesia,  Iraq,  Jamaica,  Kazakhstan,  Kenya,  Kiribati,  Laos,  Latvia,  Lesotho,  Lithuania,  Macau,  Macedonia,  Madagascar,  Malawi,  Maldives,  Marshall Islands,  Mauritania,  Mauritius,  Mexico,  Moldova,  Monaco,  Mongolia,  Namibia,  Nauru,  Nicaragua,  North Korea,  Palau,  Palestine,  Panama,  Papua New Guinea,  Paraguay,  Philippines,  Portugal,  Russia,  Saint Kitts and Nevis,  Saint Lucia,  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,  Samoa,  São Tomé and Príncipe,  Senegal,  Serbia,  Seychelles,  Singapore,  Solomon Islands,  Sudan,  Suriname,  Swaziland,  Syria,  Taiwan,  Tajikistan,  Tanzania,  Thailand,  Timor-Leste,  Togo,  Tonga,  Trinidad and Tobago,  Tuvalu,  Uganda,  Ukraine,  Uzbekistan,  Vanuatu,   Vatican City,  Venezuela,  Vietnam,  Zambia,  Zimbabwe.

Visa not required for a 14-day stay: Iran, Lybia, Sierra Leone, Somalia.

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Shooting permit is necessary for Feature film, TV Commercial and Documentary. The approval can be obtained through the submission, by the local production company who acts as ‘Production Partner’ or ‘Host’.

Must field Application to ATA Convention:

  • Convention on "Professional equipment" / Convention on "Exhibitions and Fairs"
  • Convention on "Commercial Samples"
ATA Carnets are accepted for postal traffic.

The standard VAT rate is 10% Reduced rate : 5%

The copyright law protects the following works: literary works; musical works; artistic works; films; sound recordings; broadcasts and derivative works.

Film Commissions


Multimedia Development Corporation is currently supported by following ministries: Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage / Tourism Ministry / Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation / Ministry of Energy, Communications and Water / The National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) In facilitating...

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The National Film Development Committee was formed by the government on July 26, 1980 to outline the ways to improve Malaysian film industry. Mission: -Provides services, facilities, encouragement and support effective and efficient; -Create conducive an environment , progressive and competitive;...

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Coproduction treaties